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perfect planning

If you are planning to launch your facebook fapnage business, your page must need regular engagements. If your post gets only like, don’t think that you are going on the right way. The most important part is comment. Because comments indicate how much popular your page is and how people are engaging on your fanpage. Initially, you need to work hard to make yourself authentic to your customer. Otherwise, you cant make your dream true. Get set viral is providing the best Facebook comments service.

How gets viral works

Getsetviral has a great and experienced team who will assist you in adding comments to your facebook post. And our specialty is we can increase your comments even in your profile post too. Our team will promote your post if you want manual comments. We don’t offer high costly service, we always offer affordable services but with following the quality. And if you want custom comments, our team will do it with our secret system which we don’t like to share it publicly because of our competitors.

Why getsetviral is best

Getsetviral is providing social media service since 2002. Within this time we served thousands of customers. Now we have tons of happy customers who always buy from us. They trust us without any doubt. Once you place your order, you don’t need to be worried for your order. After placing your order you will get a notification to your mail and once it is completed you will get again mail from us. And you can even monitor your order, how it’s We always prefer any type of suggestion or request. So, feel free to message us about any problem while your campaign is under process.

Publish Interesting Post

Yes! By only publishing interesting post you can engage your customer very easily. And be regular about this. If you create a post about question type post, your customer will definitely reply it through the comment box. And ask them a question which can help you to get lots of comments in a short time.

cheapest and affordable

The cheapest and affordable facebook comments service on the market. We are the one and only website who are also providing the manual and custom comments service too. Definitely you should check our services. Here you can check how to get facebook comments properly. Hope it will help

How to buy facebook comments

There are eight packages we are offering now. Basic to the professional It doesn’t fact which package you are going to choose, we can deliver it timely. No delay. If you want to get a refund from us, you can get it without any problem, because customer satisfaction is the main thing to us. Once you choose cheap facebook comments package from us just complete your purchase. Check all the packages and find our which one suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy facebook comments?

 To make a successful purchase from getting set viral, read this procedure carefully, please. Just check all the facebook comments packages of us, Then choose one of them and click add to cart or buy now, Then fill up the information and just pay it through your cards. It’s so simple as like us! Still, if you are unable to purchase it or have any problem, just knock our team, They will give you a fast solution.

Are the facebook comments real?

 Yes, definitely, We offer both customs or manual facebook comments service. We have lots of running facebook accounts. We use these accounts to create some stunning eye-catching comments on your post. Because only facebook comments can bring a good impression on your post. People will check your post comments before purchase any product or item of yours. So, its necessary to have positive comments.

How long does it take to get the comments delivered to my Facebook Post?

Generally, it depends on the packages you purchased from us. Because quantity is a fact. But, normally if you purchase we try to deliver it within 24-72 hours. Sometimes, we deliver fast than the indicated delivery time. And, we have a commitment for our customers, If we get failed to deliver on time, we will give a refund if our customer wants!

Why do so many people nowadays buy Facebook Comments?

Facebook is the largest social media platform of the world. Over 1.8 billion people use facebook. And if you want to increase your account engagements, you must have like, comments, shares on your post. So, to increase the post engagements and impressions everyone is buying facebook comments to be the winner.

How much comments I can get for my post?

It totally depends on how much you want to spend on promoting your page or profile. Because our each and every package are different. Though we also deliver some extra than your packages quantity to see a smile on your face!

Are the Facebook comments permanent and stable?

Without any confusion, you can make your first purchase from getsetviral. Our all social media services are permanent and stable. Though even after every update facebook removes inactive and dead accounts. Only for this, you can feel some drops, but don’t worry, its rare as we only deliver organic and real comments from real facebook accounts. This facebook comments service is a special service of us. We recommend trying our custom facebook comments to feel the best experience. Its nondrop and if you feel any drop, it will refill automatically. And we don’t charge extra for a refill.

Why you should choose us?

  • Low Prices on All Social Media Packages
  • Online Credibility and SEO Value
  • Discounts, Freebies and other Perks
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Get Your Own Shopping Portal (lower prices)
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • (live chat, email, toll-free number)

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