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On-Time Delivery

Getsetviral offers always on time delivery services. It’s the specialty of our business. You already know that lots of service providers are offering rapid services, like 200 comments within six hours even. We suggest you avoid them. Just imagine one, how someone can send so many comments so fast to your account. Without any hassle, they are delivering bots comments to your account. So, don’t trust any quick service. We always take the proper time to send the goods on your Soundcloud track. And we do the promotion organically. So, it normally takes time to show the real engagements.

Fast Response

We have got complain from almost all the customers that, the service they were using before choosing us, They weren’t satisfied with their customer services. We have a special team who are dedicated to serving you always. You can chat with our special customer support team anytime, when you need. So, it’s a massive factor we think. If you need to discuss also anything for your social media account, send us an email. Our team always gives a response as fast as they can.

Quality Services

We are not hungry for your money, we are hungry to show you the real and natural results based on your purchase. And this is the real deal to keep your reputation for a long time. Since ten years ago we started our business, and after such a long period we are the leading social media provider in the world. Its all about money worthy services. And we are announcing it proudly that now we have a milestone of ten thousand monthly satisfied customers. Thanks to everyone for keeping faith to us. Getsetviral will try their best to keep that position for forever cheap SoundCloud reposts

Features and Advantages

Buying SoundCloud comment is cheap when you are using gets viral. We are the leading and trusted company in the world now. If you want rapid fame, without helping hand its not possible. And, we are the helping hand. In this short article, we would like to tell you the benefits of buying soundcloud comment. Actually, it’s all about quick & natural exposure for your soundcloud account. If your content is good, with the help of our promotion, it will go viral within a short time. Because people love to see such content which got already lots of engagements.

Less expensive than everyone

When everyone is busy to make more and more profit by delivering bots followers, getsetviral is always working to give the best experience to their customers. Honestly, we do a little profit because we need to work at a stretch for a long time to get the natural engagements. In spite of our hard work, We don’t overcharge to our customers. To clear your doubt, please check our price of the packages. And we care of your money, so its worth for every single penny. So, why you are spending extra cost when you have now getsetviral?!!

Positive Response Matters

Every follower is important to you. We know the hustle you are doing to get tons of Soundcloud comments. The world is now competetive, and everyone wants a surface to show their creativity. And soundcloud makes it easier for us. Imagine once, you have now a soundcloud profile with thousands of followers, what will be the reaction of yours then? We are working for a long time to deliver quality followers and comments on your account. And, please try to maintain the content quality; otherwise, you will start losing your new followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We have relationships with thousands of real users of SoundCloud through many social media. So once you purchase your package, we will start sending invitations to check out your new song. And in this way, we organically increase your engagements.

Will it be against soundclouds algorithm?

No, Because soundclouds algorithm also like the way we promote your SoundCloud account. The reason is simple as like get set viral. Get set viral doesn’t promote any bots service which are the real enemy of your profile. Just relax, take a coffee and buy the service!

How much it will take to add comments?

As we have already said, we do it organically. So you will see the changes within a short time. It doesn’t take a long time to show the results. And as the comments are real so, no need to worry about the drop. Check out the SoundCloud comments packages from here

Why should I buy SoundCloud comments?

If you are already popular then just quit here, Because it’s not for the established user. We are helping actually newbie SoundCloud stars, who are struggling to get plays, likes, comments, etc. Whenever you are new and planning to be a star of SoundCloud, you must need to have a fanbase of yours. So for this, You should purchase SoundCloud comments service from us

Is it Safe to buy Soundcloud comments?

Yes, without any doubt you can keep yourself assured that the service we are offering. It won’t affect your SoundCloud profile, They are 100% safe and get completed by natural method.

Is it worth to buy?

Yes, it’s a hundred percent value for money service. Because you can’t get tons of real and positive comments within a short time after uploading your content. And, if you can grab some quick engagements for your track, that will create a good impression to soundclouds algorithm, which is amazing to rank up your song.

Why you should choose us?

  • Low Prices on All Social Media Packages
  • Online Credibility and SEO Value
  • Discounts, Freebies and other Perks
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Get Your Own Shopping Portal (lower prices)
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • (live chat, email, toll-free number)

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You are really doing what you are promising, and I like it very much. I look more credible now with the help of your services

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I was worried about my soundcloud song. I wasn’t getting any comments or engagements, then I tried Get Set Viral. And now I’m enjoying my celebrity-like status.


I recommend Get Set Viral if you are looking to take your social media accounts to the next level


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