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Be relevant to your content

Your content is the reflection of your personality. And your content is the meaning of your skill. Most of the new Vimeo content creators are doing the same mistake, and the mistake is mixing the niche. Don’t mix your content. Like if you are working with fitness then always post a video of gym related. You can use your sub-niche too with this, such as diet, nutrition, juice recipe, etc. So, here you shouldn’t mix your content with another topic. It makes your viewers confused. Stay alert if you are ready to move on.

Exciting offers and discount

All of our customers recommend us for our loyalty, our dedication. Since we started our journey, we are giving our customers many exciting offers and as well as discounts too. We offer black Friday deals where we almost offer 50% discount for our all customers. And getsetviral has also Christmas, teachers day, mayday, happy new year, etc, offers. So, to grab the offer, you have to subscribe to our newsletter to get every update timely.

Genuine likes are worth to buy

We recommend you always not to buy any robotic service. It occurs bad impression on the Vimeo algorithm. If you are a Vimeo user, then you may know it already that how valuable the likes are for this platform. Your video likes mean positive responses from your audience. And according to our research, If your video can get thousands of likes within a short time, it’s a plus point for your video to get ranking on Vimeo algorithm. So, it’s important and effective to buy genuine likes from a genuine provider like us.

Maximum likes in minimum time

Our promotion policy is different than others. We can challenge everyone, actually, almost 95% are promoting fake services. Which is totally bad for your social media account. And they complete their promotion by the robotic way because they offer their customers rapid delivery within an hour even. And this is the problem. We don’t hide anything. We are telling you all the truth of this business. So, never believe this type of rapid delivery services. If you once check our packages, you could see our balance

We respect your every single penny

We know how much hard work needs to earn a single penny. And whenever you want to spend a penny on buying a genuine service, we really care your bucks. Our every service is worth to buy. Our special team is also worth to hire. You will get what you pay for, and sometimes we do extra delivery too for our customers too. Before leaving, check once our packages and the decision is yours!

Custom Order

If you are willing to order a big amount, you just need to mail us to know about our custom services. And if you want to buy various things at the same time, it’s suggested to send a message to our sales team. And, the most amazing fact is. If you order a big amount and custom, you can save even 5-10% of your total cost. So, if you need huge followers or likes, check our packages and if it is not enough for you, the custom order is for you!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge you a refund?

Yes, we have refund system. If you feel andy drop on your purchases. And you can even cancel your order within 24 hours after buying a service. But if your account start getting goods from us, then we can’t refund you. So, please know this important thing first before placing an order.

How many Vimeo likes are delivered in a day?

It depends on the clients choice. Because we don’t deliver according to our opinion. We just delivered according to your opinion. And all packages have a timeframe. We always follow the timeframe. So, its suggested checking the timeframe before purchasing. And if you want faster than the timeframe, please send a quick mail to us.

Is the payment method safe for me?

The payment method is completely safe! We have lots of security system to make it safer. And we are not charging your personal information while purchasing an item. So, you don’t need to worry about it. Just a simple system. And we are using a simple payment gateway that secures your card details.

Can I order Vimeo likes and Vimeo followers together?

Yes, you can. For this process, you need to purchase individually likes and followers. Or, if you want to order custom packages according to your choices, then please contact our customer support team. They will create a custom package by following your command. And a hint is, the custom package is so cheaper than the regular services!!

Will my Vimeo account get disabled?

No. Our team works by following the terms and conditions of Vimeo. We are not using any bots or robot system to increase your video likes, So, why you think it’s risky? And the likes you will get, all will come from real Vimeo account. So, stay calm.

Why you are claiming that you are different than others?

We are not claiming actually, Our satisfied customers are claiming it! And we can assure you, if you purchase one of our services, you will be one of them too. We won them by our customer support, dedication. Natural promotion, etc. When others company are busy to give you bots services with expensive rates. This is why they are the looser to us in the race of getting customer satisfaction.

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