how to become a youtuber gamer

YouTube is one of the most used websites by people globally. However, what many might not know is that it’s not used only for watching funny videos, movies, etc. but also for watching game videos of streamers. It is a way through which over 90% of ordinary gamers receive knowledge about and the game as well as ways to become better at it. Through this article you will have an idea about how to become a youtuber gamer and more.

Take a look at everything in detail!

YouTube Gamer

Before jumping into anything in detail, know what does becoming a YouTuber gamer means. Gaming is considered to be a different medium as different approaches are available towards playing a game. Gamers who want to showcase their skills and offer advice to other fellow gamers create content where each video is unique and provides advice about a game as well as entertainment.

Each gaming content creator uses different methods to stand apart from the rest, such as playing different genre games, play style, advice, etc. The next portion of this article will showcase how a person can become a gaming content creator on YouTube and how to improve their ability to do so.

The following steps below will show how to become a youtuber gamer in detail!

1.Selecting a specific genre of games or just a single game

 First and foremost step to becoming a YouTube gamer is picking games which a person intends to post his/her channel. One might choose games depending on genre like a first-person shooter, indie, arcade, adventure, strategy, etc. Though choosing games depending on genre is the ideal way to go, numerous successful YouTube gamers create content by playing games from a specific developer, series, etc.

For example, numerous creators are playing Fortnite these days along with Apex Legends, as both of these are Battle Royale games. Once a person chooses a game on which he/she wants to make videos on, the next step will involve determining what type of gaming channel he/she should have. The different kinds of gaming channel people can opt for are below:

  • Trivia/information channels

These channels are specifically dedicated on making different videos on trivia related to gaming. The trivia presented by these channels to their viewers are about games or development of these games. There are a particular set of gaming channels dedicated to creating this type of content which helped those individual becoming a youtuber gamer.

  • Tutorial channels

These are one of the most common types of YouTube channels which can be seen on the gaming content side of how to become a youtuber gamer. Videos posted in this channel category helps people learn about game mechanics as well as advice which would help in improving at specific games.

how to become a youtuber gamer
Though it often crosses path with other categories, the primary objective of these channels is to assist gamers to get better than an individual already is at a specific game. Such channels are quite popular within gaming communities, especially those which are multiplayer games like PUBG, Apex Legends,Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, etc.
  • Comedy gaming channels

The chief aspect of these channels issimple, create videos which contain clips of funny highlights that crosses the channels that fall under games with commentaries. For becoming a youtuber gamer creators whose video fall under this division always create skits which is within games’ constraints. It is ideal for open-ended games such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Minecraft, etc.

2.Building audience and channel

This is the second step of how to become a youtuber gamer. Once an individual is determined what he/she desires to do with the channel, it becomes necessary to build his/her channel to reach its utmost potential. Building one’s channel means having an appropriate profile picture, impressive channel art, etc. Apart from this one can also opt for creating intro vids, logos, and more for making it look unique.

how to become a youtuber gamer

After all these, it is time for making videos. However, keep in mind to create a content backlog before looking or monetizing into a single network. So, after these created videos get views, comments, etc. which will aid one to choose what can be changed to make his/her channel better, which in turn, will aid for becoming a youtuber gamer successfully.

Note: After all the six steps are included here, you will find about creating channels, themes, and more which are necessary before and after you build a channel for becoming popular.

3.Working on feedbacks

An individual who is creating video game content for his/her viewers will receive feedback from people. It is necessary for a person to know how he/she can manage feedback which audiences offer. To grow as a content creator and becoming a youtuber game professionally, it is essential to learn from the early days’ mistake.

Hence, listening to criticism and improving them to offer all viewers a pleasant experience is part of the process. Moreover, one can get advice from other gaming content creators on YouTube and watching them would definitely help on how to become a youtuber gamer.

how to become a youtuber gamer
4.Looking into networks

After an individual gets the hang of creating contents and viewership is increasing significantly, comes the time through which one can earn money. First of all, a person will have to receive partner status, and then one can either search for a YouTube network (MCN) or should validate monetization on his/her own.

For ideas about different YouTube Networks, one will have to do a certain amount of research for ideal choices. If a person opts for an independent path then it’s crucial for him/her to have adequate knowledge about regulations like Copyright, Fair Use, etc.

5.Research for optimal results

After monetizing and creating gaming content, going through research which will aid in bringing in more traffic is vital. Through options like search engine optimization (SEO) and more, one can come to conclusions about how to get more views on youtube gaming channel. This will assist in making one’s channel as well as videos highly attractive for people to click on and check.

Furthermore, an individual will also require updating him/herself about the latest gaming releases which are related to videos one make. This is something which every how to become a youtuber gamer manual comprises.

how to become a youtuber gamer
6.Collaborating with other YouTube gamers

Last but not the least; ensure that you work with other YouTubers who create similar contents like you.

As soon as a person becomes a part of this community, he/she will have to understand that this community he/she belongs to is more significant than themselves. Due to this, one can reach out to other people, collaborate with them, get shoutouts, etc. and is the answer for how to get more views on youtube gaming channel.

Rising to the most significant height is not possible on one’s own. However, if one can catch attention of several other creators and work with these people will aid in making greater content which will grow one’s audience massively.

These are the primary steps on how to become a youtuber gamer. If you follow these you will get the attention of the colossal audience which will aid in reaching your goal. The next portion shows how you can make your channel popular on YouTube. Have a look!

a.Having a theme for channel

Even before filming any video which an individual will post on YouTube, one will know about the focus of his/her channel. Hence, content posted on a channel should focus as well as follow the established theme since its inception. This is how to become a youtuber gamer successfully.

For instance, one person should stick to a theme which resembles horror, if that’s the type of games one plans on playing or might choose a theme which is ideal for FPS games if that’s what all the videos are about. Moreover, the name of the channel should also reflect this theme.

how to become a youtuber gamer
b.Posting videos continuously

A person should have posting schedule to which he/she should stick it no matter what. It might be once a week or day; YouTube subscribers look forward to what one has to post in the next date. Hence, making them wait is not an excellent idea especially when one is just starting. Also, this is an ideal way on how to get more views on youtube gaming channel.

However, there are times when people do require changing posting time, date, etc. In such a case, addressing the new date, time, etc. of the next posting should be mentioned in a video so that your loyal audience is aware of it.

Next, a gaming content creator should write downtime as well as date of next posting in description section, so if subscribers miss it in video can quickly check in that section.

how to become a youtuber gamer
c.Use social media for promotions

Social media is quite powerful when it comes to posting, making things go viral. Hence, posting about one’s content on various social media platforms increases the reach of demographic that will enable one to get new viewers. Using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. will help in gathering more traffic easily and possibly the best answer for how to get more views on youtube gaming channel.

Every step mentioned in this article will explain an individual about how to become a youtuber gamer as well as how one can attract ample amount of traffic for reaching his/her goal at a short period!

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