how to get more youtube traffic

YouTube is one of the largest media platforms worldwide and is used regularly by YouTubers to reach a massive mass of people. YouTube is a powerful force when it comes to social media marketing. However, a YouTube channel is considered to be successful only if it attracts a colossal amount of traffic daily. So, the question is how to get more YouTube traffic?

Well, to get more youtube traffic one will have to know a few specific actions and implement them accordingly. Have a look!

1.Remarkable content

Yes, every YouTube channel which has reached millions of subscribers always ensures that they put up a killer video/content in the channel. An individual might promote a channel greatly but won’t do much for him/her if there is lackluster content.

Whenever a person posts a video on this platform, he/she will get some views. However, excellent media content is a must if he/she wants to retain the existing audience as well as gain new traffic. Hence, it is a YouTubers job to post informative videos and keep checking traffic source youtube for knowledge about results.

Now the content will depend on the business as well as one’s targeted audience. The more one can stand apart from its competitors, and the better will be audience engagement of that channel. However, this is just the first step of how to get more YouTube traffic

how to get more youtube traffic

2.Frequent video posting

To an extent, it is kind of true that more videos equal more views. The goal of any individual should be to post as much content as possible at selected regular interval without decreasing content’s quality.

Hence, if it is possible for a person to upload several videos in a week, one shouldn’t hesitate to post it.

However, it is essential for people also to understand that no video’s quality should decline. If it happens, it is safe to assume that a channel’s subscribers and viewers will also decline which can be checked through traffic source youtube.

Note: Create a schedule about what time and day you will post videos every week and maintain it.

how to get more youtube traffic

3.YouTube SEO

Numerous people still might not be aware of it, but search engine optimization (SEO) for YouTube is a thing, and this is a way to solve the issue of how to get more YouTube traffic. By volume, YouTube is considered to be the search engine which is the second-largest worldwide after Google. Hence, it simply means that people require optimizing their YouTube content as they would do for any Google search. SEO is reliable as well as an easy approach to increase traffic along with overall ROI.

One should start optimizing by using keywords in title, video description, and tags. One should utilize primary keywords at the title’s beginning with secondary keywords later for ultimate optimization. The result can be seen in traffic source youtube.

However, when choosing a keyword there are things one should consider like its showing up in auto-suggest option in this platform. Hence, before posting videos research which keywords will aid in reaching out to more people.

4.Quality editing

Here, a common wrong notion is that high video quality equals high production quality.

Understandably, a person might not have costly video equipment and ample money to spend on video strategy when he/she is beginning his/her journey as a YouTuber. In such a case, one requires making sure that his/her video looks professional as it will increase views which can be checked through traffic source youtube.

It means that every posted video should be well-lit, clean, and adequately scripted. Hence, popular content creators often advise people to start simple.

Also, ensure having multiple recordings which can be edited appropriately together, which showcases a remarkable outcome. This is an essential step on how to get more YouTube traffic.

how to get more youtube traffic

5.Using CTA (call to action)

Even the simplest CTAs might have a massive impact on one’s overall growth. Instructing the viewers about what you’d like them to do is vital such as commenting or displaying texts which tell them to like the video, subscribe to channels, commenting, clicking a link which is present in the description portion, etc. Through different traffic source types youtube one can check the result for excellent CTAs.

how to get more youtube traffic
6.Selecting custom thumbnails

Everyone growing up heard that first impression is the last. This is true for content on this platform. Hence, this is the reason as to why every creator tries to have a thumbnail that will catch people’s attention.

However, to do this, one will have to use custom thumbnails option. This helps in eliminating the process of YouTube selecting a random image for a video. Also, through this process, a person can choose a photo which will demonstrate what viewers can expect in that video and is a method of how to get more YouTube traffic.

This platform lets people choose any of the three intervals 3/4, 1/2, or 1/4 mark. It means one can pick whichever suits best for the video. Moreover, customization helps in adding annotations too. It is a text box which assists in adding more details that might improve one click-through rate. However, how well it does one can check it through traffic source types youtube.

how to get more youtube traffic
7.Interacting with audiences

YouTube is a social media website, and like any other such sites, one will require interacting with his/her audience as well as other channels that aid in increasing overall popularity. Hence, subscribing to other similar channels, commenting on those videos, and sometimes leaving a link of a video which that channel’s owner and viewers may find useful is an excellent strategy. However, to check how effective it is, go through traffic source types youtube.

To increase interaction a content creator might ask his/her audience to post video recommendations in the comment section. This assists in having remarkable engagement as well as create a sense of community that will keep growing with time. Interacting and creating a community is an easy answer to how to get more YouTube traffic.

8.Utilizing tools for traffic increment

One would require tools to edit his/her videos without any doubt. However, tools are not only used for editing content these days. There are tools in modern times that would help in increasing viewership. Such tools are mainly designed to perform several smaller tasks that are related to running a successful channel.

So, one should go in-depth for knowing about these if one is serious about growing his/her subscribers and traffic. Also, to check how well these tools are doing, check traffic source type youtube.


Livestreaming has become a way of life for people after social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. added stories option. It is now considered to be one of the most popular ways for people to communicate and get more youtube traffic.

Hence, YouTube allows something similar. By going live on this platform, an individual can connect to his/her viewers in real-time. It is ideal if one has to offer any announcement or provide news. This way one can make the targeted audience curious which answers how to get more YouTube traffic.

For example, if you post gaming tutorial videos on this platform, then going on live here will allow your audience to see you play the games as well as interact with you, which increases engagement massively. This, in turn, will increase visitors to the channel.

  1. Creating playlists

Creating playlist assists in searching for videos easy for viewers. Depending on popularity, subject, etc. an individual can make a playlist for his/her viewers which is essential. This helps people to go through previous uploads quickly and check out the newly posted content without having to waste any of their precious time. This will lead one to get more youtube traffic.

  1. Using ads to advantage

Ads are known for skippable previews. However, it is found that over 40% of customers purchase something which they came across in one of the YouTube ads. This can be quite beneficial for one’s business and is one of the best ways to deal with questions like how to get more YouTube traffic.

There are primarily three ad types from which one can select, such as in-stream advertisements, bumper ads, and discover ads. Experimenting with these can lead one to get more youtube traffic which is the ultimate goal of every channel.

  1. Consider collaborating

If a person wants to increase his/her, subscriber and viewer count, then collaborating is the way to go. Collaborating with other content creators mean that it aids in not just improving quality of posted content but reaching out to more people worldwide.

For example, by collaborating you are attracting the attention of not just your followers but also your collaborator’s audience. If they like what you did, they will eventually checkout other videos you made. This will increase your views, and a large portion of those viewers will also subscribe to your channel. Hence, you should start collaborating as it expands your audience base’s reach significantly and gets more youtube traffic.

These are some of the ways through which you can get better traffic. So, if you are struggling with the question of how to get more YouTube traffic, follow these steps, and it will do wonders for you!

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