Can you imagine a place that offers entertainment, education, news, gossip, and almost everything?

 Apart from the chatbox with your bestie, of course!

 It’s Twitter.

Since its inception in 2006, this little birdie has revolutionized the concept of interaction, news, and marketing to a large extent. Understanding the importance of Twitter, many smart marketers are putting their best foot forward with impeccable Twitter marketing strategy, for they want to level up their business and drive the goals in the truest sense.

A good number of netizens are active Twitter users. This implies that businessmen can avail their products or service to the mass if they venture into this platform.

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According to multiple surveys, a large number of marketers & entrepreneurs have confessed the unprecedented Twitter marketing benefits. 85% of the small and medium businesses take to this micro-blogging site to promote their brands and foster a strong relationship with customers.

However, it’s always easier said than done. Considering the cut-throat environment, it is indeed difficult to sustain amid the clutter.

Are you a marketer and thinking of solid Twitter tips for business? Stay hooked as you are in the right place with the perfect solution.

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As mentioned above, getting a foothold it Twitter can a heavy-duty task. Several reasons are attributed. For instance, 7,000+ tweets are posted per second. There is a twist to it. Unlike a Facebook post. The effective presence of a single tweet is not longer. It is, in fact, 4x shorter than a post on Facebook or other platforms.

There is no denying that this a where quick-witted marketers implement Twitter marketing strategy as it is hard to reach the target audience in such a short period.

Seems convenient?

If you are still contemplating the tips and, benefits of Twitter marketing relax! This blog will outline all the hacks you need to know to promote your brand among customers and prospects.

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10 Benefits of Twitter for Small Business

1.Define Your Goals

The key to Twitter marketing strategy is to have a definite goal. A business without a purpose and a goal is as aimless a pointless gun. Triggering the gun without choosing a particular target can create havoc that is beyond redemption.

Hence, be practical your goal by creating a firmness in the business purpose. Make sure to draw a roadmap to reap the maximum benefits of Twitter marketing. To do the deed, you may seek help from the professional digital marketing agencies.

2. Keep an Eye on the Trends

The truth is if it’s already a trend, you have missed a golden opportunity to offer something new to the audience. This is one of the unsaid Twitter tips for business. The idea is to keep your brand apart from the competitors by the constant contribution of value-added content.

If your brand can trend on Twitter, it will inevitably build a huge follower count within real-time. One of the best ways to jump on this bandwagon is by implementing ephemeral content marketing. You may also harness the power of moment marketing to get a broader customer base.

For instance, keep an eye on the latest happenings related to your industry or even any other significant incident. Create marketing campaigns aligning such incidents with your business. This is an incredible Twitter marketing strategy to create a positive image amongst the online audience.

3. Humour is Always Welcome

Life sans humour is morbid. Twitter understands the fact very well. Hence, it has become the hub of humorous tweets in which users take immense pleasure. Dark, satire, funny- the list goes on. So, tap into this opportunity and infuse a sense of humour that will click with your target audience right away.

A lot of good brands use this very Twitter marketing strategy to sustain for people who prefer humour. However, apart from entertaining users, they hack something more to offer.

For example, tweets that are humorous hold great potential to get retweeted. This acts as one of the major Twitter marketing benefits as your business can reach the masses seamlessly. Precisely, humour can give a brand a voice which, in turn, multiplies the audience and conversion rates too.

4.Create a Visually Interesting Account

The idea is to render feasts to the eyes of users! Yes!

 Brands over the last 5 years are emphasizing on generating visually compelling stories & tweets for these are the easiest way to capture the attention of the audience. This is indeed a good idea considering the ever-shrinking attention span of online users.

This Twitter marketing strategy is a great way to create a broader customer base as graphics, small videos, etc. is much more effective than written content. According to the statistics, it has been proven that humans can retain visually engaging content 60,000 times faster than those written ones.

Striking a balance between both text and visuals seem to be a viable solution. Upload interesting content to get retweeted and shared in other platforms too.

5.Have the Best Bio

A short, crisp Twitter bio accentuates a brand value at par. Considering the ever-shrinking attention span of online users, concise content plays an imperative role. Therefore, optimizing the bio is of utmost importance.

You need to follow a few steps, such as:

  1. Keep the bio accurate and as simple as possible.
  2. Avoid jargon.
  3. Use relevant hashtags to available the account to your target audience and prospects.
  4. Subtle bragging is always welcomed.

Trying this out, you will get several benefits of Twitter marketing like an increase in website traffic.

That’s quite an escalation!

6.Know the Timing

A human can never have his dinner in the morning as everything has its timing. Similarly, you need to understand the timing of each Tweet to get a hold of maximum traffic. According to the survey, users seem to be more active during a certain interval every day. Moreover, you also have to understand the demographics of your customer base.

Once done, rest is assured!

The trick is to identify the most engaging hours and hit the post button at that very moment. A gamut of marketers has witnessed a huge number of CTRs by embracing this Twitter marketing strategy. Usually, marketers put a lot of weight on Friday and at the weekend.


7.Understand the Hashtag Use

Tweets with relevant hashtags fetch 2 to 2.5x more engagement than the ones that lack the same. The truth is hashtags are so very ubiquitous in Twitter. However, you need to master the art of implementing hashtags appropriately if you wish to keep the brand trending on this platform.

Take, for instance, if your brand sells gadgets or technology-based services, you need to stick to the words and phrases that will define your business. By doing so, it is easier to create a brand value within a short period.

Needless to mention, apart from aligning hashtags with the business, successful businessmen follow another trick. To cut a long tale short, they take advantage of trending or seasonal hashtags to capture a broader mass appeal. This is a prime Twitter marketing strategy you need to pursue as and when necessary.

8. Make Polls for Interaction

This is another unique idea from the heaps of Twitter tips for business that work like magic!

Metaphorically and otherwise.


Some of the major benefits of creating pollson Twitter are as follows:

  • Foster easy communication among brands and customers.
  • An inexpensive way to conduct market research.
  • Provide in-depth details related to brand equity and popularity.
  • Drive sales at par and create a sense of credibility.


Got the benefits of Twitter marketing?

9.Switch to A/B Mode

As per the sources, this micro-blogging site is one of the superior sources for testing a lot of marketing and advertising hacks. For example, you can implement the technique of A/B mode to decide on the headline.

To get the best results, track the performance link. You may take the aid of various tools available for this task to get a hold of accurate results. Moreover, the tools will provide you with better insights with multiple analytics to settle for the best headlines. This is why A/B testing mode is one of the most favourite Twitter tips for the business you can cap off.

10.Take a Dig into Your Peers

To outperform your immediate competitors, act like them without losing your self. This philosophy is aptly applicable in business that proffers excellent Twitter marketing benefits.


Well, to stay ahead of the curve, you need to don the hat of Sherlock and understand your peers’ mode of working. See those business accounts regularly to comprehend the trick of more and more traffic. Once done, rest is assured!

Let the Bird Take Your Brand High

With all such Twitter tips for business, you will witness a huge shift in your branding. Make Twitter a significant part of the digital marketing strategy. To get a higher ROI, make sure to seek professional help for the entire process needs expertise and experience at once.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started!

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